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Solar and wind power are the cleanest form of renewable energy available, so it is no wonder more and more consumers are installing their own systems to generate electricity from solar and wind power.

The rise on the number of prosumers has been astounding, and CSide has the right tools to help energy providers give their customers tools to accurately monitor and control their small-scale electricity generation.



Since the price of solar power keeps falling, almost anyone can install one of these systems at home or business premises and generate electricity from renewable sources. Driven by curiosity, money or just because they want to reduce their ecological footprint, the number of prosumers has been growing at an incredible speed.
CSide’s platform supports utilities and their customers to embrace and encourage the wide-scale implementation of small-scale electricity generation systems. By providing advanced online tools to monitor solar and/or wind energy production, CSide helps service providers build a green offer prepared for the consumers of the future.


CSide’s electricity production application is an intelligent energy management platform that can be used by prosumers in their houses or businesses. Detailed monitoring and advanced maintenance tools pave the way for a faster amortization of the initial investment, increases profits and protects the environment.


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The popularity of electric vehicles (EV) has shot up over the last few years, thanks to a greater choice of car brands, a shift in the public's attitude towards electric cars and a growing network of public recharging.



With our Electrical Vehicles application, your customers are able to control the whole process of charging their electrical vehicle in order to reduce operating costs and maintenance. From the service provider point of view, this helps controlling loads and manage energy needs.
CSide provides a comprehensive solution that reduces the need for costly upgrades to the existing infrastructures. Residential charging stations are connected to the utility’s systems so that demand requirements and energy distribution decisions can be made as soon as possible, or even automate them to improve load management.


Electric vehicles charging points will be integrated into smart grids, as the car batteries can help manage energy demand in real-time, thus assuring a more efficient, reliable and interoperable smart grid.
Our goal is to help utilities to become more efficient in the distribution of electric power, and accelerate the adoption of EVs by giving them all the necessary tools to monitor and control the new technologies.


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Concerns with air pollution, energy imports and global warming have spawned the growth of renewable energy.

But this type of power generation is unreliable, so there is a big Interest in storing electricity from these intermittent sources, especially since the renewable energy industry is starting to generate a significant amount of the overall energy generation.



Energy storage has the potential to radically transform the global energy landscape in the coming years, helping to solve key issues for integration and deployment of renewable energy systems. CSide is developing best-in-class technology in energy management, automation and storage to meet growing customer needs and challenges.


CSide’s energy storage application is an intelligent energy management platform that can be used by consumers that have a power storage unit at home or business. Using our solution, your customers can store the energy generated by their solar panels or from the grid when energy is cheaper, and use it only when the prices rise. Residential storage can also help with load management and peer-to-peer energy trading.


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