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EDP partnered with CSide to offer the service re:dy, which is an Advanced Energy Management and Automation Services platform directed at residential customers or small businesses.

re:dy is an innovative system that allows consumers to remotely manage their energy consumption. Moreover, the platform also monitors small-scale solar power systems and alerts consumers if their system stops working. Consumers also learn about their energy consumption, and can remotely control smart equipment (air conditioning, heating, smart plugs, etc.) to make their homes and business more energy efficient.





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InovGrid's project intends to improve service quality, promote energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, increase the penetration of renewable energies and electric vehicles while reducing operating costs. This is done through devices that automate grid management

Together with EDP, CSide provides its smart energy and automation solutions so that consumers can visualize and monitor their energy consumption in real-time, while controlling multiple appliances remotely.

CSide sustainable home solution is delivered via its unique service delivery platform, which already provides utilities, telco's and service providers with a range of added-value services. Consumers control their total electricity consumption, as well as the consumption of each individual appliance every day, week, month or year. Consumers know the time of the day they use more energy, and can decide to use it only when electricity is cheaper by controlling their appliances. 


Portugal Telecom (now Altice)

Using CSide’s video surveillance platform, Portugal Telecom launched cloud-based professional video surveillance services to business customers. The platform is directed at commercial customers that want to protect and remotely monitor their offices and retail shops. Users may use features like live view, review stored images and videos, record images and decide which notifications to get and how to get them.

All services are based on the cloud, and include advanced video features such as night viewing, bidirectional audio, multi-site management, PTZ controllable cameras, remote hosting of images and videos, expanding the benefits of IP fibre, 4G/LTE connectivity.

High resolution images, local and remote storage, video analytics services, and sophisticated online monitoring tools are some of the features that Portugal Telecom provides their business customers over one of the best cloud computing infrastructures in Europe.



Novis provides small and medium-sized enterprises with advanced remote surveillance and security services, allowing them to protect and monitor their businesses remotely.

The service enables local and remote storage access from any pc or smartphone, and includes a complete portfolio of professional cameras for indoor or outdoor use. CSide’s video surveillance platform is used by Sonaecom to control and manage the cameras for this offering.


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