CSide helps you to take the appropriate actions, enabling to feel secure when you are at home but when you want to know that your home is secure when you are out with friends, at work or on holiday.
PRODUCTS ::: home security

Today's market trend towards new revenue generating broadband services and applications results in an increasing demand for new services of real perceived added value by the end user. Home Security enables carriers to offer innovative, revenue-generating broadband services to both residential and business customers over a single network.

The application is a carrier grade SW platform for the delivery of residential security services, over narrowband and broadband connections. Home Security is conceived to enable telecommunication providers to generate multiple high value service revenue streams over a single low cost platform and thus increasing revenues on their telecommunication infrastructure.

Home Security, with the appropriated modules and appliances, allows the end user to check the status of all alarm sensors on the Internet allowing to arm or disarm (when leaving the home or remotely). With the notifications by voice, SMS or email the user will always receive any intrusion, flood or fire alarm, being able to check on his mobile the type of sensor activated.

The Home Security solution comprises an IP-controlled security central device with an extensive range of wireless sensors available such as intrusion, flood detectors, fire detectors, gas detectors and panic buttons.