The right heating controls will let you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or heat – so you'll reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and spend less on heating bills.
It will help your home adapt better to your life and make ensure it runs efficiently when your travel plans are keeping you away.
PRODUCTS ::: heating manager

Electrical heating or air conditioning insides homes and offices is a major source of energy consumption.

Up to 75 % of a home's energy consumption is used to heating and hot water, so enhanced control of domestic boilers is paramount to increasing household energy efficiency. Heating manager will provide home owners with an economical and convenient way to take control of heating cost, simply by using a mobile phone or logging to online portal.

By replacing old manual thermostats with new electronic ones, with centralized control, home owners can save up to 46%. Easy installation of radiator thermostats give customers a hassle-free installation job, enabling full control over their heating.

The Heating Manager application allows to replicate smart meter functionality for domestic boilers, allowing households to track how much heat energy they are using, set energy preferences using an online portal and automatically adjust heating settings in response to the home's changing energy requirements.