With the gas and water application your customers can compare their daily consumptions, check the best suitable tariffs according to their past consumption and receive notifications whenever their consumption exceeds the defined threshold tolerance.
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A strong technology infrastructure can help utilities fulfill their new vision. By implementing and integrating the infrastructures of business software applications, CSide enables Utilities to maximize their opportunities to respond these challenges in a cost-effective manner, and to meet their most important targets, like matching water and gas supply at affordable prices, preserving communities and fostering economic growth.

Gas and water meters will communicate to the Smart Meter over the Home Area Network. This increased connectivity also requires increased security.

Gas and water metering enables utilities to reduce meter reading costs, to spot water and gas leaks and backflow more quickly, and to cut estimated billings and improve billing accuracy.

Regulators concerned about reducing water or gas waste may establish performance-based incentives for utilities to reduce water or gas losses. The faster utilities can detect, size, and prioritize repairs for leaks, the better their chances to earn these incentives.

Helping control electricity costs for pumping water or gas by enabling utilities to track the lowest rates and perform these activities during off-peak hours.