The application provides you information about the energy produced, enabling you the analysis of graphics with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data.
The online access to this information can confirm you the return of investments in renewable energies, and allow you to set up notifications and alerts by email / SMS to help you with the maintenance of your systems.
PRODUCTS ::: energy production

With the new developments on renewable power systems, any consumer of electricity can also become a producer.

CSide helps utilities achieve sustainable and economic energy management practices.

CSide' s smart grid software allows utilities to embrace and encourage the wide-scale implementation of distributed solar energy.

Liberalization, smart grid technologies and increased competition are changing the energy sector, increasing the need for differentiation and innovation.

The energy production application from CSide enables energy service providers to position closer to their customers, providing customers advanced online tools for the active management of their solar or wind energy production.

The application provides an intelligent energy management platform in the household. By providing detailed monitoring and advanced maintenance tools it enables higher profits and faster amortization of the initial investment.