From your mobile handset or simply by accessing online, you can easily monitor real time energy consumption and check your environmental footprint.
CSide Energy Manager platform , enables you to use energy in more efficient ways, while reducing your monthly costs.
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CSide Energy Manager application enables service providers to deliver advanced energy management tools to their customers, enabling them to use energy in more efficient ways, while reducing their monthly costs.

CSide provides a cost-effective energy management platform that enhances a closer relationship with consumers by using interactive multimedia tools and providing innovative ways to manage energy.

CSide proposes customized solutions for energy and telecommunication service providers enabling a strong differentiation towards existing solutions in the market.

Service providers can measure and control energy efficiency savings and peak load reduction through integrated dashboards and energy reports, leveraging new visibility into customer consumption patterns and tailoring offers to maximize customer value.

Consumers can control the total consumption in their homes and offices but also monitor consumption per individual appliances, enabling to detect inefficiencies and save significant amount of energy. Remote access via online portal, mobile phone or PDAs is made available, ensuring the most comfortable access to energy information.