With the Electrical Vehicles application you are able to control the whole process of charging your electrical vehicle, helping you to manage and reduce operating costs, maintenance costs and load control.
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Electric vehicles charging points will be part of smart grids. Utilities can see the electric vehicle as part of the new smart grid, allowing them to have real time energy demand data, thus enabling its energy grid to be more efficient, reliable, distributed, and interoperable.

Our goal is to help electric utilities to be more efficient in the distribution of electric power. CSide helps utilities lead in the intelligent generation, management, distribution, and use of energy.

CSide helps to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles, by significantly decreasing the time needed for vehicle charging through the use of smart grid technology, allowing utility companies to manage the impact of electric vehicles on the local grids.

Cside's application provides a comprehensive utility and consumer solution that reduces the need for costly upgrades to the existing utility´s infrastructure. Electric Vehicles charging stations at home are connected to the utility´s in-home portals so that demand requirements are available and decisions can be made or automated to best manage this load.