CSide's Demand Response application enables your company to send customers price signals and the ability to implement advanced demand response programs.
The usage of lights, machines, air conditioning can be reduced according to a prioritization plan during periods of high demand or high wholesale prices.
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Managing and monitoring the demand for electricity can be a challenge for utilities and grid operators. CSide implements full-service demand response programs that help utilities meet peak demand and contingencies, and at the same time reducing the need for new peaking power plants, transmission and distribution investments, or off-system purchases.

Demand Response is a solution used by utilities to use price signals to help reduce or manage peak load during high cost peak times. Customers can decide to participate in demand response programs based on preplanned criteria, such as personal budgets or their environmental stewardship.
An effective demand response program is able to minimize the risk of potential disturbances, reduce the peak demand for electricity, increase electric system reliability and gain economic efficiencies for both consumers and utilities.
Our platform and applications helps utilities improve system reliability, prevent blackouts and brownouts, increase electricity system delivery capacity, and more cost-effectively utilize investments in new infrastructure.