CSide provides a broad portfolio of commercial applications and systems meeting the needs and priorities of multiple service providers.

From telecommunication companies to energy providers, CSide works in close partnerships to deploy innovative and differentiating cloud based services.

CSide applications enable service providers to deliver advanced energy management tools to their customers, enabling them to use energy in more efficient ways, while reducing their monthly costs. CSide offers utilities a cost-effective energy management platform that enhances a closer relationship with consumers by using interactive multimedia tools and providing innovative ways to manage energy.
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Incumbent and competitive telecommunication providers are under increasing pressure from eroding bases of voice services and growing competition on IP services. CSide is working together with multiple service providers across Europe deploying IP multimedia value added services, adding value to broadband offering and increasing revenue streams.
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CSide supports energy service company (acronym: ESCO or ESCo) providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including the implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, management of distributed power generation, etc.
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