CSide is a global technology solutions provider, developing pioneering technology in a variety of fields, enabling your company to provide to customers several innovative cloud based services, namely advanced energy services, remote automation, professional video surveillance and security solutions.
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CSide has it's headquarter in Portugal, with offices in Lisbon and Oporto. Ever since it's founding the international team of CSide has become widely recognized for its creative work, high quality content and fast development of new products.

The essence of our brand is connected to the most dynamic element on earth, the sea and its rich interactions with earth, the seaside. We are open, expressive, dynamic and different and this approach is reflected in our multi-sensory brand, encompassing movement, sounds, interaction and emotion.

Our brand is based on the needs and priorities of our customers and reflects an innovative company for a new era of services and solutions. Our brand values represents the way we think, speak and act towards our customers: with a contemporary, positive language, open to reflect the fresh approach of our new company. With simple, clean images and striking.