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PORTUGAL: Inovcity Project

InovGrid is an innovative project that aims to equip the electricity grid with information and devices to automate grid management, improve service quality, reduce operating costs, promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and increase the penetration of renewable energies and electric vehicles.

One of the most complete smart city projects in Europe, the InovCity project, from the Portuguese utility EDP, includes the installation of 31.000 smart meters until June 2011, enabling real time communication and advanced energy services to EDP customers.

CSide SA provided EDP with its smart energy and automation solutions enabling homeowners to visualize in real time, monitor and interact with their energy consumption, while controlling multiple appliances in their homes.

CSide sustainable home solution was delivered via its unique web and android-based managed service platform which already provides utilities, telco's and service providers with a range of added value services.

For consumers it enables control over total consumption of electricity and per each appliance at home every day, week, month or year. Consumers know the time period during the day of increased consumption and they know when they can use electricity at a more favorable price, being able to use their appliances to operate during these periods.

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