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DENMARK: Safety & Energy Services

Based on CSide platform and applications, EnergiMidt has launched a project that enables customers to benefit from advanced home security, automation and energy management services. Customers are able to monitor their energy consumption; watch remotely and protect their homes against intrusion, fire or floods; and automate and manage their home more efficiently.

The system allows users to remotely control appliances and heating in their homes, optimizing energy savings while enjoying more comfort and safety. A close attention is given to the efficient management of heating at home, with users being able to monitor temperature and control heat pumps or water radiators.

All services are delivered via CSide's Digital Home unique web-based platform, which provides utilities, telco's and service providers with a range of value added services, leveraging its capability to network and manage devices in the home.

By launching these innovative services, EnergiMidt positions itself as a major choice for domestic security and energy management products nationwide in Denmark. The project also makes grounds to explore new business potential within load management, district heating and multi utility meter reading (energy, gas and water).

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