CSide enables you to provide advanced remote monitoring services, combining network services with professional video surveillance and security tools and even a wide range of services in active energy management like energy consumption monitoring.
CUSTOMERS ::: telecommunication

CSide provides advanced video surveillance and security services with fixed or mobile broadband or GSM/GPRS connectivity for business customers under Telco brand, enabling an enhanced visibility of the telecommunication company towards residential and business customers.

Telecommunication companies can offer IP infrastructure solutions – VPN, broadband access, image and video storage on a central datacenter, together with advanced video surveillance tools that small, medium and also large companies can profit from.

CSide enables telecommunication companies to offer value added applications that move their business forward by engaging subscribers and enriching their communications experience with personalized, seamless, secure and portable contents.

Consumers can remotely access the information via online PC, mobile handsets, Smartphone, Blackberry, Android ,TV or PDA from anywhere and anytime.

Consumers can receive SMS, MMS or e-mail notification in case of unusual event or as a regular notification.

Users may live view, check stored images and videos, record the videos, arm or disarm the security system.

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