Troubleshooting tools includes self-guiding diagnostics tools that help you to understand and correct reported connectivity problems of thousands of subscribers.
APPLICATIONS ::: troubleshooting tools

Troubleshooting tools intelligently monitors key resources that are necessary for proper operation of the broadband network including PC, CPE, and internet nodes, and reports problems, providing easy-to-follow instructions on how to resolve common problems.

The platform includes complete features of monitoring, reporting, support and assistance, subscriber management and commercial management to ensure an effective online support to thousands of subscribers.

Troubleshooting tools also helps to quickly identify and resolve problems that service subscribers are unable to resolve on their own.

For each device, detailed information about the device status is shown:

•  Connection State - online, limited connection, offline
•  Detailed flags about the connection
•  Identification of the device driver
•  Last seen online and last communication dates.