The rising amount of new services claimed by consumers and the increasing cost pressures are challenges service providers have to take up.
To meet with these challenges, CSide developed the SDP Manager, an intelligent combination of specialized management solutions within a network.
APPLICATIONS ::: service manager

Today's complex service creation environment, and a more competitive marketplace, requires a new generation of technologies and enablers. CSide's Service Delivery Platform, SDP Manager, is helping leading telecommunication and energy providers to reduce time to market when launching innovative services.

SDP Manager is based on the latest modular object-oriented software technologies. It enables service providers to deliver a broad range of services over an unique platform, billing system and SMS/MMS systems, with high availability and suitability for integration with products from multiple vendors.

SDP Manager integrates new services more rapidly, including leading-edge components such as IP video, mobility and cloud-based services. It supports end-to-end device management, delivering an unified customer experience.

Advanced software tools offer statistics of service usage, SMS/MMS management per subscriber and provide real-time support. SDP Manager includes advanced subscriber management tools enabling the deployment and management of value added services roll outs to thousands of subscribers.

SDP Manager enables additionally the definition of pricing strategies, including pre-paid and post-paid billing schemes, with standard and open interfaces to existing billing platforms.